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Marketing Mentorship

Upskill the team you have and improve your junior team members' marketing skills with an experienced marketeer and educator   

Combine marketing strategy consultation and junior mentorship with a custom, bespoke package available as a monthly retainer or one-off project

Mentorship Package


Strategy creation

After working closely with C-Suite/Directors to understand the business goals, challenges, and market dynamics, a full marketing strategy will be created. 
Tailored to your business objectives, this will include audience targeting, brand storytelling, channel audit and recommendations.


One to one mentorship

One-on-one guidance and support to help junior team members understand how (and why) the marketing strategy was created. Their skills will be developed to create and own the marketing execution plan. They will be guided to measure the results of the strategy on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. 


Skills workshops

Interactive workshops covering key areas of marketing, including digital marketing, branding, content creation, and analytics.
Hands-on exercises to reinforce learning and application to the wider business to ensure personal and professional development is on track.


Ongoing guidance

Always on support is available throughout the duration of the consultancy via email and Slack with a 24 hour turnaround time. You can guarantee that the mentee will receive the guidance they need whenever the issue or support arises, not just within the dedicated 1:1 mentorship slots.  


Hi I'm Cass

In addition to 13 years of industry experience and proven success in developing effective marketing strategies, I am also a BA (Hons) Lecturer in Content Creation and Online Marketing. The Marketing Mentorship package allows me to utilise my academic teaching skills of nurturing talent to empower your junior team members to reach their full potential and deliver an effective marketing strategy to drive tangible business results.

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