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UGC course

Teach Me UGC, User Generated Content Course UK

User-Generated Content is experiencing a significant surge in popularity in the UK and an abundance of brands are actively seeking out engaging and authentic content creators. These creators possess the ability to craft dynamic video content suitable for both organic social media distribution and paid advertising campaigns. However, for many aspiring creators, embarking on this journey can be a daunting task.

That's where 'Teach Me UGC' comes in—a virtual program expertly curated and led by Cass Gowing, a seasoned marketing consultant, content creator lecturer and accomplished UGC creator. With Cass's invaluable expertise, you'll not only gain essential knowledge but also receive unwavering support to kickstart your journey as a UGC creator within just two weeks. The cost for this full package is only £120, making it an accessible opportunity for anyone eager to unlock their potential in the world of User-Generated Content. 

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